Things every woman should carry in her handbags / slim bags

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to carry everything in a small bag, then it’s quite true. While magazine editors have come up with ways to pack a express hand bags, a woman can organize things in a better way. So, let’s have a look at the list of items that you can pack in ladies shoulder bags.

Safety pins

A bunch of safety pins should always be carried when the lady is on a trip. It’s always better to observe the size because a smaller size can pinch the necklace. Think about something that won’t break and would clasp things together.


Bandages need to be purchased if the shoes hurt the heels all the time. Apart from using them to cover bruises, bandages can be used hiding a nail with clipped polish.

Extra pair of earrings

It’s always a good idea to keep an extra pair of earrings inside the handbags. These would come in handy when one of the earrings accidentally falls down. You wouldn’t have to worry about Purchasing  expensive trinkets when you are on the trip.

Blotting papers

Due to high absorption capacity, blotting papers help to soak excess oil and sweat around your cheeks, eyebrows, and upper lip. These would be useful especially when you are roaming around the streets during the summer season.  sling bags if you can’t spend time for visiting the nearby local outlets.

USB flash drive

A USB flash drive can be used to store multi-page documents and files that you may require at a certain instance. So, if you would be delivering a presentation at your workplace, then you should keep the flash drive along with the keys on the keychain.


If you would be constantly attending meetings at a cafe or a restaurant, then you should always keep a cardholder in the handbags. As you organize the cards in different slots, you can easily pull out a subway card or a credit card to pay the bill.


In case you are busy during the day and don’t have time to visit a nearby cafe, then it’s a good idea to carry some snacks in the handbags. You can either keep a packet of wafers or biscuits which you can have with tea.

Portable cell phone charger

You never know when the battery of your smartphone would drain down. So, if you are on a long distance tour, then it’s essential to take a cell phone charger along with you. Alternatively, you can also carry a power bank which helps you to charge the smartphone instantly.

Sun Lotion

In order to protect the skin against sunlight, it’s essential to carry a moisturizer. Look for a branded lotion so that you don’t have to worry about skin allergy.

Hand trailing Sanitizer

If you are travelling , then you need to Purchasing  a hand sanitizer. Opt for a product that’s rich in Vitamin E so that your hands dry out.

Finally, if you are sneezing most of the time, then you should keep tissues within your reach. Don’t hesitate to check out a sling bag of your choice.

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